Saturday, September 25, 2010

The irony of Foxnews haters

In 2006, I took Philosophy 102: Critical Thinking at Community College. Anyone who has ever attended a secular liberal arts college knows that it is a liberal's play ground. Ever leftist professor has his or her own platform to spew nonsensical propaganda that includes, but is definitely not limited to: America is evil, God does not exist, absolutes do not exist, white people are evil, women and men are the same, Darwinian evolution is an absolute fact, Republicans are idiots, and so on.
Well my Philosophy 102 Professor was yet another proud, pompous Liberal who felt that his calling in life was to proclaim the greatness of the Green Party, to point out the stupidity of the right wing, and to deny the existence of the Christian God. He also bragged about how he and his wife reused rags instead of toilet paper...but that is for another time. He missed class one day due to sickness. Because of his absence, his wife played a documentary for the class called "Outfoxed" (how thoughtful, right?) It was a scathing critique of Foxnews that attempted to prove that Foxnews was not, as their motto claims, "fair and balanced."
The documentary was high-quality and well-researched. I have to say that the team that created this documentary did an amazing job. They interviewed disgruntled former employees of Foxnews, they found and documented old notes that forced anchors to use terminology that supported right wing causes, and they indicated linguistical oratorical devices used on an everyday basis on Fox.
After watching this though, I could not help but laugh. I thought to myself, "Did they REALLY just spend all that time and money proving such an obvious point?" Fox news is RIGHTWING? What? No Joke? Seriously?
Well in case you were not aware, they are. Of course, I do not see a critique of MSNBC or the New York Times. They are certainly fair and balanced, right?
The point is that all news is biased. I get annoyed with all these whiners and their ridiculous statements: "Oh it's all corrupt!" "The news is all just...nonsense." "Fox news is watched by sheeple!"
The truth is that the news is indeed biased. This article that I am writing is biased. Even the most "nonpartisan" person is incapable of producing an article with at least a hint of bias. The point is...that's ok. We are all human and we all have opinions. I glad that everyone is capable being autonomous.
The responsibility is actually on the viewer. When you watch or read ANY newssource, you need to put your critical thinking glasses on. You need to take everything you hear with a grain of sand. Their is always a core of truth to every major new story, but the way that it is portrayed is when the skewing happens. Example regarding abortion:
Non-biased: Abortion the process of removing an organism from a pregnant mother.
Liberal: Abortion is the process of a free woman exercising her right to neutralize a fetus and remove IT because it is HER body and nobody else's.
Conservative: Abortion is the process of murdering a child. The mother claims to have rights, but what about the child?
Regardless of your worldview, you should be able to know one thing from this example: Abortion is when a growing organism is removed from its mother. Fox would probably be more Conservative in their portrayal while MSNBC would probably be more liberal.
The point is that all news is biased, not just Fox.
I personally watch Foxnews. I have their website set as my homepage. Do I trust everything they say? Heck no. However, I identify with their message and I prefer to receive my news from people who I see eye to eye with. Besides, Keith Olbermann is a tool and I get sick of Rachel Maddow always talking about her girlfriend. (Seriously, does she have to say that EVERYTIME she is on air?)


  1. I'm glad you pointed out the obvious. I have known for some time the news is biased, especially today. I remember watching NBC's The Camel News Caravan with John Cameron Swayzee in the early 1950's. This was the first major news program on TV. It seemed straightforward and unbiased - just the news. Perhaps it was biased to a degree but there was no raising of an eyebrow, bashing conservatives, liberals, Presidents, promoting a bill in congress, whining about perceived injustices or promoting a cause. In those days we were capable of deciding for ourselves what was right or wrong based on straight news and our own philosophy. Remember, when a President bashes a particular network (Fox) or worse yet a particular news person (Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh), you know he feels threatened by them bringing out facts unfavorable to him and is attempting to control the press (to no avail). Also when I went to college the professors taught the subject and I learned (i.e. calculus, English, history, chemistry). I don't recall any unrelated or biased political ideas from them, even in PolySci. Overall, in this free country of ours we can watch what we want and decide for ourselves (as O'Reilly likes to say).

  2. Why do I watch Fox? Because they are more interesting, especially Bill O'Reilly. Olberman seems too viscious, Maddow looks down her nose at us and has that look of "I'm superior", and Wolf Blitzer is just plain boring. Amanpour tries to appear unbiased when she is obviously not.

  3. One aspect that fox has in their favor is the sheer stupidity of a couple leftist networks, CNN and CBS. The combination of arrogance and ignorance is a perfect cocktail of crap. They are spouting of some of the most random incoherent trash. For example, at the rally Saturday, unions forced their employees to the event, it was heavily sponsored and advertised by socialist and communist organizations, and completely contradicted the purpose of their actions with their actions! A spectator said at this antiwar protest that a civil war between the classes is necessary under certain circumstances... What?! They boast about cleaning up the environment and bashing the republicans for not advocating this, and after the event, left trash everywhere? Seriously? By the time the event ended, there was significantly less people than what was at the start. As a sidenote, this rally was the answer to glenn becks rally, which is sad because they are retaliating against the conservatives. Wow... What a good politically move, you democrats sure know what youre doing. So while fox news is biased, and I agree with that whole heartedly, at least there is coherency with the network; at least I can sit down, drink a cup of coffee, or tea if you will, and be somewhat challenged by the substance fox brings forth. As for the leftist networks, that is hell, and I mean literally, that is an everyday preview of the torment of hell. I feel my brain hemorrhaging each time I here their empty propaganda.